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Highridge Home is located on the North Shore of Kamloops, BC. Highridge is a two bed resource located on the top level of a house funded by Community Living B.C. (CLBC). It is home for two individuals who are assisted by a staffing component 24 hours/day.

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The primary focus is to ensure the resource is always considered and presented as the home of those individuals who reside there.


The resource is close to the Central North Shore area of Kamloops. This provides excellent opportunities to easily access the abundant shopping and entertainment facilities. It is also close to their regular day activities and the flat layout of the area makes it easy to go for walks to local parks and sporting events. There is a large fenced yard allowing for opportunities to access the outdoors independently. Additionally there is an outdoor lift to allow for easier access to their residence.


Our mission at Highridge is to provide opportunities to enjoy a normal full life experience with a focus on individuality. The individuals at Highridge participate in all aspects of the upkeep of the home, including meal preparation, laundry, cleaning etc. They also access the community, friends and families on a regular basis. An interest is taken in all special community events. These folks have a zest for all life has to offer. Both individuals attend work and/or recreational programs as often as they can. Highridge welcomes and encourages friends and family to visit at any time



Maple Place is located on the bottom floor of a two level split house. It is home to one young lady with a staffing component that supports her during peak times. She also has a support worker from another agency who helps her access community 1 on 1.

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Funding is provided by Community Living B.C. (CLBC). While there are times where the individual is independent there is always a support worker with the individual who resides upstairs should she need to ask for assistance.


Maple Place is located in the heart of the North Shore of Kamloops B.C. providing easy access to some of the many parks, shopping and entertainment venues. Maple Place is a consistent and stable home for the young lady. There is a strong focus on helping the individual gain more self control in order to live as independent a life as possible. The location of the program is ideal as the young lady enjoys socializing and there are many venues that allow her those opportunities.



Oriole House is located in the Brocklehurst neighbourhood of Kamloops, British Columbia.. Oriole House is a licensed five bed resource. We provide service to four individuals who are all experiencing difficulties due to age related symptoms.

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The house has been retrofitted with equipment and assistive devices to help the individuals manage their day to day lives while aging in place.


Oriole House is a warm, homey environment, and all four individuals are encouraged to participate in the upkeep of the home. All individuals are supported and encouraged to participate in community activities as much as they can. All enjoy social and community outings such as: shopping, movies, coffee/luncheons, visits with friends, special community events, etc. They also participate in community inclusion programs when they can. Oriole House has an open door policy for family and friends. Friends and family members are encouraged to visit and share in activities whenever they can.



Singh House is a four bed fully accessible resource located on the ground floor of a house on the North Shore of Kamloops, BC. It is currently home to one lady who has many conditions which necessitate a level, unobtrusive and accessible living arrangement.

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She has been at Singh House since September of 2016. While she is non-vocal she has many other ways to communicate and the dedicated staff have done a wonderful job of learning how best to interact with her and understand her requests.


The resource is close to the Central North Shore area of Kamloops. There are many parks close by that offer flat and worry-free recreation where she can spend some time outside while being supported. She also loves going for drives, maintains her physical health through swimming at the local pools, participates in musical therapy and visits the local pet stores and Wildlife Park.

Besides making sure that there are many choices for recreation, the main program goal of Singh House is to make sure that the medical needs and challenges are met. This is accomplished by ensuring regular appointments are scheduled with her doctor to help recognize potential issues before they become too critical. All while providing a high standard of care in a safe environment that allows for self-determination whenever possible.

Juniper Place

Juniper Place is a four bed group home located in beautiful Vernon B.C. Currently two men and one woman live in the home and all three individuals attend day programs.

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Juniper Place home life focuses on integrating residents into regular segments of community living and all residents participate in as many aspects of everyday activities that are of interest to them.


The staffing team at Juniper Place demonstrates a long-term commitment to providing a warm, supportive and creative environment in which the people who live here can foster their dreams and enhance their skills and their self-determination. Juniper Place residents have the benefit of bi-weekly sessions with a professional music therapist who weaves therapeutic elements of music with musical training that culminates in vibrant programs for all participants.

Juniper Place residence is located in the north-central area of Vernon and is minutes from community centres, theatres, restaurants, and ski hills. The Okanagan and Kal lakes are both easily accessible to people with disabilities, with parks for picnicking and walking trails that provide safe and healthy activity for people living in Vernon. Vernon is a lively city in all seasons with many sports venues, winter carnivals, dances, outdoor concerts, plays, water sports and many community living events year-round.



Sandalwood Adult Care Facility is a licensed five bed divided duplex style home with one bed available for ten days of respite per month and four permanent residents.

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The people who live at Sandalwood are a diverse group of individuals with various backgrounds, skills, abilities, strengths and challenges.


The service we provide is specifically focused on the dual diagnosis and behavioral challenges that the individuals experience. The staffing team has remained the same core group for several years, and has developed a commitment to the team and the individuals who live here.

Our residence is located on the north-western side of Kamloops and the North Thompson River. The area parks are lovely and there are many green belts that include a riding ring for horses, ballpark, tennis courts, and nearby is a small petting zoo that the public is welcome to visit.



Originally opened as a two bed resource Todd Intensive Care Facility is now a single bed resource funded by Community Living British Columbia (CLBC). Todd House has been home to the same young lady for over 10 years.

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Her home is located on the top floor of a 2 level split house. Being located in the heart of the Central North Shore, she has easy access to many of the local attractions and is very close to her primary day services. The location also offers close proximity to parks and entertainment venues. The rather flat geography is conducive to walking and enjoying her local neighbourhood.


All plans, objectives and interventions are presented to the team and strategies are developed together. The focus of care and support at the resource is to optimize independence and empower self-determination within a caring, normalized home environment. All staff are trained in Non-violent Crisis Intervention. This is a safe, non-violent behaviour management system designed to help human service professionals in the management of disruptive and assaultive individuals, even during the most violent moments. In Non-violent Crisis Intervention, the emphasis is always: to provide care, welfare, safety and security to the individual at all times.

Our primary focus at Todd Intensive Care, is to utilize the Least Restrictive Treatment Model, Positive Reinforcement, and at all times to aid in the personal development of the young lady. Friends, family and guests are welcome to visit at any time.






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