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Prima is… Kamloops Preferred Home Care Company

Prima is a privately operated home care organization under contract to the B.C. government, through Community Living British Columbia (CLBC) to provide professional services to those referred by CLBC in Kamloops and surrounding areas. Our services include assessments for adults; residential care; day program services; intensive behavioural intervention and support services. While the majority of our services are provided to individuals who are referred and funded by CLBC, we are able to provide support to those who wish to pay privately.

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What We Do...

Our residential programs are licensed through the Ministry of Health under the Community Care & Assisted Living Act and meet or exceed all licensing requirements. Prima receives clients on a referral basis through CLBC and works within a multi-disciplinary team approach.

Individual rights will be supported.

Health and safety needs will be met.

Individuals will maintain relationships and support contacts.

Our Goals

Our goals are to assist those in our care to maximize their potential by ensuring that:

Individuals will be included in community interaction.

Personalized plans will be developed reflecting individual needs and preferences.

Opportunity for cultural diversity will be promoted.

Our Mission Statement

We provide exceptional residential, day program, outreach and assessment services.

We support and promote:


Reinforcement of


Management and


For all persons with a developmental disability in all aspects of daily living and human experience.

Our client-focused service provision ensures that our stated outcomes are achieved with and for every client.

We Take Care of You

We offer comfortable homes for individuals seeking independence to live life.

Supportive Living Services

With a focus on semi-independent living, we help our clients find an apartment. Our team provides wrap-around services that would be needed to help them stay there.

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Interactive Programs

Our day programs help to develop practical, social and personal skills among our clients.

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