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Interactive Day Programs for Adults in Kamloops

Premium Productions Specialty Services

Premium Productions is a day program for adults in the beautiful city of Kelowna in the Okanogan Valley. The program has been in operation since 1990. For several years, Premium has been in its current facility near the waterfront and Prospera Place.


Each day there are 14 individuals who attend. Many of them and the staff have been with the program since near its conception. Premium Productions strongly promotes a sense of belonging and acceptance.


The focus of Premium is the recognition that the place where one spends the day is a key part of a person’s daily life. The rhythmic structure of the daily routine and atmosphere of respect and caring help to create a secure foundation from which to explore one’s potential. Many opportunities are created to build and maintain social relationships. Sharing meals, celebrating birthdays, and holidays together and going on many outings help create bonds of friendship and responsibility.


The day program is an important place to develop practical, social and personal skills. Everyone who attends has regular duties, helps plan activities and use the facility as they are able to with assistance and prompting as needed. Premium focuses on the abilities of each person not the disabilities. The contributions of each individual’s gifts and talents are encouraged and the program, including the support staff, learn from each other in the process of mutual interaction.

Premium takes advantage of being in the Okanogan. Kelowna has become a very busy city and the individuals participate in many cultural, recreational and vocational activities. We are in easy access to the beach and take many walks in the green spaces in and around Kelowna. Vocational activities include flyer delivery and a bulk mailing service. Premium takes pride in being an active participant in their contribution to the city of Kelowna, both with the vocational component and in service to others. There is access to computers and the internet to everyone who wishes.


While there is a vocational component the program is primarily recreationally driven with individuals participating in activities such as bowling, fishing, kayaking, hiking, and attending community events. Culturally and educationally the program provides, to those who wish, outings to plays, movies and concerts. We have access to a music therapist and everyone participates as an individual and in a group setting.


Life at Premium is one of fun, growth and ongoing adventure in an environment that is caring and safe with a balance of routine and spontaneity.

Address & Phone:

Premium Productions Specialty Services

1-368 Industrial Ave.

Kelowna B.C. V1Y 7E8

Phone: 250-868-3750

Fax: 250-868-3748

Quesnel Day Program

Quesnel Day Program is an adult facility which provides pre-vocational, skill building, recreational and social opportunities within the community of Quesnel. The Quesnel Day Program involves 7 to 10 individuals.


In recognizing the individuality of each person regarding goals, needs and preferences, we provide a number of different opportunities. Keeping our program flexible for the benefit of its participants. Some examples of the activities engaged in at the Quesnel Day Program are as follows:


  • Bowling

  • Swimming

  • Gym

  • Skating

  • Hiking

  • Training

  • Picnics

  • Day trips

  • Luncheons


  • Volunteer

  • Resume

  • Job interviews

  • Job search

  • Transportation

  • Crew activities

  • Deliveries/cleaning

  • Lawn mowing

  • Individual support


  • Development of communication systems

  • Support in job specific opportunities

  • Sign language

  • Basic literacy

  • Food safe

  • Till course

  • Physiotherapy

Address & Phone:

138 McLean Street

Quesnel, BC V2J 1Y6


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